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I'm whipped....it was a, some-what, brutal night at work.  I'm trying to stay awake until the pharmacy opens, so I can pick up my prescriptions, but, I'm fading fast and that just might have to wait until either this evening, when I get up, or, tomorrow.

The Urgent Care Center opens today, so, I'm hoping-against-hope that people will use it and we won't get so much of the, damn, Non-Emergency people.

I'm sure we'll still get them, because I swear their is a faction of people who consider coming to the Hospital a family outing. 

After tonight, however, I have 3 whole nights to not care what is going on there and can, hopefully, enjoy my weekend. Not sure if the weather is going to cooperate, or not, since it's either going to be Hellishly hot, or, rain some more. 

Personally, I'd be happy with something in-between, even if it would mean a tiny bit more rain.

Still rather addicted to Plants vs. Zombies although, at leas during the level I've reached now, I'm going to have to stop playing it on the job as, apparently, you have to yell into the microphone, on the DSi, to 'wake' your plants up to fight the Zombie Hordes.

Read somewhere that Diablo Cody is, supposedly, going to be making a movie version of the book Breathers: A Zombie's Lament.  

Don't really know how to feel about that, I loved the book, and I loved Juno...however, I did not love Jennifer's Body

"These Lights Are On In Spidertown"

11 hours to go, and, then my Night off...however, my mom is having a CT Scan Monday afternoon, so, I get to go back and just hang about the place while she has that done.

Least I can do, since she's ferried me around to more than one appointment.

Anyway, Good Thoughts would be appreciated, in hopes that no unwelcome 'surprises' crop on on the results of the scan.

Bought myself a Cadbury Cream Egg, as a treat, and shall eat it in the wee hours of the morning. 

It wasn't too bad, last night, and this morning; steady, but not crazy, which is what I'm hoping for again this time around.

Fortunately, at least as far as the rest of this particular schedule goes, people did step up and take hours, so, I only have one more OT shift, on Friday.

My scalp, neck and parts of my ears are still purple.  This, even after scrubbing, so, looks like I'm going to be Muppet-Coloured, in parts, for the time being.
Another rainy day, but, I'm not complaining since at this point I'm, pretty much, sick of snowflakes.

I was off last night, so, opted not to take a sleeping pill and was up all day and then crashed just before 5pm.

Didn't do much, in the time I was awake, aside from running errands in the morning and then there was frozen pizza, a can of Pringles and a box of purple hair dye in the afternoon.

I didn't bother with the bleach, that was in the kit, so instead of what I had been planning to use the dye for, I did all my hair which is now darker than it was, with some plum/purple overtones.

Not what it could have been, but, considering I work at a place where any kind of Self-Expression, etc..is, essentially, frowned upon this is something I can get away with.

My neck, hands and parts of my scalp are a lovely shade of purple as well, so, will be scrubbing at those for a good bit, I'm sure.

I'm slated to work 22 hours this weekend, but, only 4 hours of which is Overtime.  I'm sure there will be more O.T. coming up, if I choose to work some, within the next few months as one of our pregnant employees is having some problems and, last I heard, was heading towards bed rest until her due date.

I like this person, and it's a legit reason for us needing coverage, unlike some of the 'cosmetic' procedures people have been off for in the past, but, the days of me busting my ass are over and our PRN/Part-Time people need to start helping more.

I like my Nights off, thank you very much.

The person I'll be working with, tonight and tomorrow, for a few hours is alright, but, not really someone I have anything in common with...aside from the fact that she lives just up the street from me.

But, it could and, in the past, has been worse.

Have been up since 5:30am, and just finished watching Hatchet II, so I could return it to Netflix.  There were previews for 3 movies, at the beginning of the DVD that I have to add to my Queue.  So, that and loading a few new songs I heard on Pandora yesterday--there was a bit of a Hootenanny going on here in my kitchen, yesterday, while I was packing up some books to mail out.

Today is, apparently, Punk Rock day, but, I'm really just not in the mood; it's a little too early and the weather isn't providing the right kind of ambiance.

Other than that, it's cleaning litter boxes, rat cages and freshening Wee Pads....oh, yeah, and feeding Godzilla, since he's out from under his rock and 'eyeballing' the cats whenever one walks by.
Well, sadly, last night was the last of my 3 nights off, so, back to the grind I go, tonight, come 11pm.

Aside from being lured to slumber at 6pm last night, by a thunder storm, it was a pretty good day.  Went to breakfast at Denny's with my mom. Apparently, Denny's is currently having a celebration of Bacon, much to my delight and my mother's disgust.

So, had the Grand Slam burger, which is, essentially, breakfast on a burger and seasoned my fries with the Bacon Salt they had on all the tables..which my mom even gave a try, on her Veggie Burger, after reading the label and seeing it was 'artificially flavoured'.

We even had dessert, and as much as I wanted to try the Maple Bacon sundae, I opted for the Brownie a'la mode and mom got the caramel apple crisp and we did halfsies, which is something I usually only get to do with my sister.

Ended up coming home with an early Easter present, as my mom had been to a local pet store and saw a baby rat with one eye....then had me stop on the drive back from Denny's to look at him.

So, yeah, came home with him, and his own little set-up, since my other 3 rats are females.

I named him Perseus.

He fits in the palm of my hand and is white with black markings and then right where his butt meets his tail, the black marking morphs into beige, giving him a bit of a Calico effect.
Having a decent Sunday, and it's not the bittersweet part of my weekend off that it usually is, since I have tomorrow off as well.

So, got my hair in pigtails, painted my nails, went to the store and made an English Muffin and apple slices for me and The Dog to share for breakfast, changed him out of his sweater and into something more 'Spring-ish', despite the never-ending Winter-thing we've got going on here...although, today the sun is out and I was out a little earlier finishing up a roll of film snapping pics of my zombie bunny and got some good, recent, pics of my cat Hoshi as well.  I tried to get him in the "Oh, No, Hoshi is DOWN!" pose, (it's a thing we do), but he decided to not hold the pose and instead I think I'm going to have some pics of him and the toes of my beat-up, comfy, black Converse sneakers in the frame.

Now, I'm thinking movie marathon of some sort and, maybe, a nap. I've been up since around 5:30am, so, every time I look at a clock I'm surprised that it's not later than it actually is.
Since I had to go out and run the one errand of the day I decided, since I was already outside, to hit the Goodwill and Salvation Army stores.

I ended up spending, between the two stores, $10 and while not books, or clothes, I did get a sweet pair of brand-new-looking Lei brand shoes, (brown leather, with lilac interior and a little leather flower accent on the side) and some random bric-a-brac, including a silver/glass keepsake box that is perfect for putting my Mexican Sugar Skull in, as it's looking a little 'off' despite my efforts to preserve it.

As to the rest: China figure of a girl walking a dog, china dog in an old brown shoe figurine, flocked Woody Woodpecker Christmas ornament--missing a foot, but still adorable!--interesting looking glass bottle, mini bakers rack for my dollhouse, Melissa and Doug brand wooden dollhouse/shadowbox thing and a Hallmark snowflake ornament hanger with 4 tiny Alaskan-themed figures hanging off it.

Oh, and I also got a black/orange beaded bracelet and a necklace with several charms hanging off it: Bird, branch, leave, robins-egg-blue stone and a rhinestone 'sparkly'.

So, not a bad hall.

The sun is out, but, it's misleading as it's by no means warm out there, unless you are sitting directly in a patch of sunlight.

Now, I think a nap is in order and then I'll try to get something accomplished, as well as watch Sherlock--still plan on doing that, but, probably later on this evening.

"So Regal And Decadent Here"

My 'Friend' has decided to make an appearance after a I believe it was, 3 months absence, so, I've been bleeding rather ridiculously, as this thing usually goes, since Saturday.

I toughed it out Saturday night, despite it being rather busy, at work, but, said screw it as to last night and called off.  Tonight is now my regular Monday night off, and I'm hoping since we'll be 4 days into this thing by the time I go back Tuesday night it will have slowed a bit.

As you can imagine, this is really rather annoying and I'm, once again, considering having bits of myself removed to avoid future incidents. Already tried medicating the problem, but, produced the same results, only on a monthly basis.

Damn you Polycystic Ovaries!

It's still freaking freezing here, and not looking as though that will change anytime soon.

So, aside from going out later and running the one errand I must do today, it appears as though it's going to be another day on the couch, under warm blankets, watching DVDs......I'm thinking some Sherlock is in order.
It's my Friday night off, and since it's once again freezing cold here in Pa, I opted to just come home, take a sleeping pill, and crash.

Just finished watching a movie that came out recently..I won't say which one, but, will say the Dark City, was the better take on this idea.

I'm getting ready to watch Blood Suckers from Outer Space, which arrived via Netflix today.

It was payday, and since I was able to pay out everything that needed paid and am not as hideously broke as last week decided to treat myself to something.  Nothing 'big', just something, and since I was too tired to go and see either Red Riding Hood or Suckerpunch and then swing by Borders, (ours didn't make the closing lists, again, this time around), and pick up the latest issue of Bizarre magazine, I just bought the new The Builders and The Butchers album from I-Tunes for $9.99 and a Double Whopper Value Meal from BK.

Yep, I sure do know how to live it up!

I work this weekend, and am really going to miss having my friend's Droid phone to play with, since I spent much of this past week watching old, made-for-tv, movies posted on YouTube...ok, and some not made-for-tv movies as well.

Last night's double feature was Elvira Mistress of the Dark, followed by, The People Across the Lake.

Ah, well, I guess it will give me time to finish the current book I'm reading--which will be book #31 in my '100 Books Read In 2011 Challenge.'

Got lots of cool things in the mail this past week, so, this weekend will be spent answering letters and readying packages for mailing, hopefully, within the next week.  Again: It's just too freaking cold to want to do much more than snuggle on the couch, under warm blankets---This, of course, hasn't stopped PENN DOT from messing with the roads already, which is usually a sure sign that Spring is here.

"Show Your Wounds I'm Bored With Mine"

Had one of those mornings that makes me hate the entire health-care profession, and the world in general, really--this was 2 hours away from the shift being over too, which just added to the 'suck' factor.

Somewhere, there has got to be a job for me in which I have no human contact what-so-ever....I just haven't had any luck in finding it. 

So, I stay where I am and wait for the stress to, someday, kill me.

I'm home now, however, and have until 11pm to not think about all that.

There are, tentative, plans to go to lunch with my sister today.  The deal-breaker is going to be what time she decides to roll out of bed and call me.  I'm not off until the weekend, so, if I go out today it means I'm either staying up, or getting up early and considering the problems I have with insomnia if I'm asleep when she calls, I'm staying that way.

"I Got A Blade, Cut You Just Like That"

I, kinda', got my wish from the last post and we've been given a reprieve from the deluge that was scheduled, and instead, the sun keeps peeking out and it's, around, 50 degrees...so, I've been sitting outside as much as possible. 

I, also, have the kitchen window and front door open, to let some fresh air in.

The downside to this, of course, is that the day seems to be flying by way too fast. 

Still have a bit of the headache lingering, but, keep trying to fight it off with the Excedrine, so, it's bearable.  My freaking nose was so itchy last night that I've, apparently, rubbed it raw. So, dealing with that now as well.

Got the rest of my errands done today, which was down to a few household chores, treating myself to a full tank of gas in the Jeep, ($51+ on top of the $25 I put in Wednesday morning, when I was running on the dregs of what I had last put in there, and didn't even get half a tank from!), and, since I was out-and-about, decided to hit the Salvation Army.

They didn't have a lot, but, I did get some books, a pair of black pants for work, a lime green/leather I-Pod case, black wallet and two stuffed toys--one for Oliver, (a Cookie Monster), and one for me, for an art project I had an idea for.

Cleaned the rats' cage, cat's litter boxes, as well as doing the dishes, sweeping the floors and finishing up laundry.  So, now just have the laundry to put away and I can be lazy until Monday, when I start the whole process over again.  The area by my computer is a disaster zone, again, so, that and mopping the living room floor are on tap for my Monday night off.

Apparently, I'm going to breakfast with my mom tomorrow.  We've been e-mailing each other, the past two days, since unlike most families we don't use the phone.  The 'why' of this, I don't know, but it is what it is.

We're going to the Denny's in Lamar, which is usually a hoot, being that they just opened the end of last year and are, or at least were, still trying to get themselves organized.  So, there is usually some sort of drama going on to entertain us while we wait for our food.