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"I Got A Blade, Cut You Just Like That"

I, kinda', got my wish from the last post and we've been given a reprieve from the deluge that was scheduled, and instead, the sun keeps peeking out and it's, around, 50 degrees...so, I've been sitting outside as much as possible. 

I, also, have the kitchen window and front door open, to let some fresh air in.

The downside to this, of course, is that the day seems to be flying by way too fast. 

Still have a bit of the headache lingering, but, keep trying to fight it off with the Excedrine, so, it's bearable.  My freaking nose was so itchy last night that I've, apparently, rubbed it raw. So, dealing with that now as well.

Got the rest of my errands done today, which was down to a few household chores, treating myself to a full tank of gas in the Jeep, ($51+ on top of the $25 I put in Wednesday morning, when I was running on the dregs of what I had last put in there, and didn't even get half a tank from!), and, since I was out-and-about, decided to hit the Salvation Army.

They didn't have a lot, but, I did get some books, a pair of black pants for work, a lime green/leather I-Pod case, black wallet and two stuffed toys--one for Oliver, (a Cookie Monster), and one for me, for an art project I had an idea for.

Cleaned the rats' cage, cat's litter boxes, as well as doing the dishes, sweeping the floors and finishing up laundry.  So, now just have the laundry to put away and I can be lazy until Monday, when I start the whole process over again.  The area by my computer is a disaster zone, again, so, that and mopping the living room floor are on tap for my Monday night off.

Apparently, I'm going to breakfast with my mom tomorrow.  We've been e-mailing each other, the past two days, since unlike most families we don't use the phone.  The 'why' of this, I don't know, but it is what it is.

We're going to the Denny's in Lamar, which is usually a hoot, being that they just opened the end of last year and are, or at least were, still trying to get themselves organized.  So, there is usually some sort of drama going on to entertain us while we wait for our food. 

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