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Well, sadly, last night was the last of my 3 nights off, so, back to the grind I go, tonight, come 11pm.

Aside from being lured to slumber at 6pm last night, by a thunder storm, it was a pretty good day.  Went to breakfast at Denny's with my mom. Apparently, Denny's is currently having a celebration of Bacon, much to my delight and my mother's disgust.

So, had the Grand Slam burger, which is, essentially, breakfast on a burger and seasoned my fries with the Bacon Salt they had on all the tables..which my mom even gave a try, on her Veggie Burger, after reading the label and seeing it was 'artificially flavoured'.

We even had dessert, and as much as I wanted to try the Maple Bacon sundae, I opted for the Brownie a'la mode and mom got the caramel apple crisp and we did halfsies, which is something I usually only get to do with my sister.

Ended up coming home with an early Easter present, as my mom had been to a local pet store and saw a baby rat with one eye....then had me stop on the drive back from Denny's to look at him.

So, yeah, came home with him, and his own little set-up, since my other 3 rats are females.

I named him Perseus.

He fits in the palm of my hand and is white with black markings and then right where his butt meets his tail, the black marking morphs into beige, giving him a bit of a Calico effect.


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Apr. 8th, 2011 02:38 am (UTC)
Would be neat to have a rat as a pet. Too bad it's illegal here. :(
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