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Another rainy day, but, I'm not complaining since at this point I'm, pretty much, sick of snowflakes.

I was off last night, so, opted not to take a sleeping pill and was up all day and then crashed just before 5pm.

Didn't do much, in the time I was awake, aside from running errands in the morning and then there was frozen pizza, a can of Pringles and a box of purple hair dye in the afternoon.

I didn't bother with the bleach, that was in the kit, so instead of what I had been planning to use the dye for, I did all my hair which is now darker than it was, with some plum/purple overtones.

Not what it could have been, but, considering I work at a place where any kind of Self-Expression, etc..is, essentially, frowned upon this is something I can get away with.

My neck, hands and parts of my scalp are a lovely shade of purple as well, so, will be scrubbing at those for a good bit, I'm sure.

I'm slated to work 22 hours this weekend, but, only 4 hours of which is Overtime.  I'm sure there will be more O.T. coming up, if I choose to work some, within the next few months as one of our pregnant employees is having some problems and, last I heard, was heading towards bed rest until her due date.

I like this person, and it's a legit reason for us needing coverage, unlike some of the 'cosmetic' procedures people have been off for in the past, but, the days of me busting my ass are over and our PRN/Part-Time people need to start helping more.

I like my Nights off, thank you very much.

The person I'll be working with, tonight and tomorrow, for a few hours is alright, but, not really someone I have anything in common with...aside from the fact that she lives just up the street from me.

But, it could and, in the past, has been worse.

Have been up since 5:30am, and just finished watching Hatchet II, so I could return it to Netflix.  There were previews for 3 movies, at the beginning of the DVD that I have to add to my Queue.  So, that and loading a few new songs I heard on Pandora yesterday--there was a bit of a Hootenanny going on here in my kitchen, yesterday, while I was packing up some books to mail out.

Today is, apparently, Punk Rock day, but, I'm really just not in the mood; it's a little too early and the weather isn't providing the right kind of ambiance.

Other than that, it's cleaning litter boxes, rat cages and freshening Wee Pads....oh, yeah, and feeding Godzilla, since he's out from under his rock and 'eyeballing' the cats whenever one walks by.


Apr. 10th, 2011 08:31 pm (UTC)
Call me crazy, but, it's true.

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