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"And Everyone Wears A Mask"

I'm into day 3 of a sinus migraine, but, finally, managed to get myself a new bottle of Excedrine Migraine, so, took a hand-full and am waiting for some sweet, sweet, relief...and hoping it's soon.

We're on another Flood Watch here, but, they are now saying that the river will crest below flood levels, which is good news for me, as if it does flood and I'm at work, I'm stuck there...well, I do have a place I can go, but, my friend lives in the flood zone there.  So, I was joking that she'd just want me to come to her house to help her move all her stuff to higher ground.

It's not supposed to rain today, but, I'm thinking that might be a lie as it got awfully dark about 10 minutes after I left work, and the sun was shining.

The water is out of my utility room, but, I'm sure it will be back come this weekend, if it's supposed to rain, again, as is being called for. My front yard is flooded too, which is something new.

Frankly, I'm getting tired of all this and me, nocturnal soul that I am, find myself longing for just ONE freakin' warm/sunny day! 

I'm off tonight, but, have no plans.  Tried to run as many errands as I could before I came home, but, still might head out to the Post Office, later, unless I end up falling asleep and doing it tomorrow.  I need to mail two books out, and buy stamps for mailing out the bills I can't just drop off in town.

When I got back to my Jeep, after getting groceries, I noticed there was an adorable puppy staring at me through the Driver's side window.  I don't know what breed it was, but, it looked like a Boxer, only fuzzier. It wasn't barking at anyone, just kept walking from window-to-window and watching people get in/out of their cars and getting doggy nose prints all over the glass.

Work last night wasn't bad, aside from the whole throbbing-head thing. I watched Mother of Tears and Dead Alive on YouTube, via my friend's Droid phone. Then started watched a little bit of The House by the Cemetery, until the Day Shift people started coming in.

Also had an 'incident' that pretty much solidified my dislike of one of the ER nurses.  Before this, I didn't like, or, dislike her but we tipped the scale towards the not liking position this morning.   Nothing to cause out-right hostility, but, if not related to work, I'd just as soon she stay in the ER and not try to chat if she comes out into my area.

Loved how the news this morning found time to squeeze in more Charlie Sheen 'news' in between the multitude of disasters going on around the world.  I'm not really a News Hound, but, the news goes on the Waiting Room tv at 5am and the guys that work Security at night always bring me the newspaper, so, it's there in front of me, almost, every morning.

Seriously though, who the fuck cares?  I like Charlie Sheen as an actor, but, as with all actors/actresses, could care less what is going on in his/their personal lives. Especially when they profit from bad behaviour.

To quote the Wicked Witch of the West: "What a world!"

Just discovered my favourite station on Live365 internet radio has gone V.I.P., so, no more listening for free. *sigh*  Guess I'll either have to find another free station on there to replace it, or, start visiting my account on Project Playlist again.

Now, think I'll see if I can fall asleep and, hopefully, wake up sans pounding head. *fingers-crossed*  Well, actually, I should probably slog on though the front yard, to the mailbox, and mail my Netflix back.  I was going to let my mom borrow it, but, then there were two animal-killed-by-psycho scenes, which my mom hates.  So, that was that.  It was a good movie though: Coffin Rock.

"I Am The Lemon Zester Of Destruction"

It's my weekend off, and has been raining for the majority of it....so, haven't been doing a whole Hell of a lot, and not only due to the weather, but, because I'm broke until the end of the month as well.

So, what I have done is watched 3 movies: Paul--which was cute, 127 Hours--good, but, one of those you watch it once and that's probably it and a French Zombie movie called Mutants, that was ok, but another of those 'See-It-Once' kinda' films.

I've read a little, while sitting outside, until I got a bit too chilled to be comfortable and came back in the house.

Lit my yummy-smelling spice-scented candles, baked some biscuits and am now considering painting my nails---as I try to ignore the fact that thanks to the heavy rains/snow melting some water has started to trickle into my utility room. *sigh*

I've had a sinus headache for 2 days now. Thanks to the liberal application of Excedrine Migraine, yesterday, I got it to go away for a little while, at the expense of a stomachache, but, it too has started creeping back up on me again.

God, and tomorrow is Monday already.

Well, it's March now.

Not my favourite month, being that it's the month my dad died, but, I don't hate it either.  I'm just tired enough of this, seemingly, never-ending Winter to see all months involved with it come to an end.

I was off last night, but, didn't do much but enjoy the rainstorm we were having, complete with random flashes of lightning and the occasional 'boom' of thunder.

I tried to sit outside and read for a bit, but, only managed about a half-hour before my fingers started going numb and I came inside for a hot bubble-bath instead.

Did  a little reading in the tub as well, until Hoshi, my Bath-Time-Stalker-Kitty, poked me in the eye with his, thankfully, claw-less paw to get my attention---for the record, I HAVE been jabbed in the eye with a cat claw, when a kitten I was fostering discovered my eyeballs moved and one of them would make a great toy!

And, yes, it HURT!

I got up early today, as is usually the case on the days following my nights off.  So, I've finished off my daily 'Have-To-Do' stuff, and am now trying to decided if/when I'm going to do any of the 'Want-To/Should-Do' stuff done as well....so far, the answer is: Dunno.

As I was taking the trash out, and feeding the strays, I discovered that despite the ice on the ground, it's actually rather mild out this morning.  So, may try to sit outside for a bit, again, today.

"Le Corbeau Comes To Eat My Eyes"

Enjoying another lazy day here, since I have to work the weekend and don't really feel like doing much. So, errand day has been pushed to Monday, since I couldn't be bothered to do more than pay the bills yesterday.

It's cold here today, but, at least it's not alternating between rain-then-snow like it was yesterday, (another reason I couldn't be bothered to do much yesterday), so, I was just sitting outside reading and playing with Miss Kitty, one of the stray kitties--one who has, pretty much, declared my home hers--until my fingers went numb and I had to come back inside.

As I was sitting out there, I could smell grilled hamburgers and was wondering who could be grilling....then it dawned on me, that the smell was coming from the Burger King down the street.

So, now I'm craving a hamburger and may have to go and get one.  

I was off last night, but, didn't do much but read and sleep.  Now that I'm feeling better, I'm not sleeping as well as I was when I was sick, (THE IRONY!), and hadn't taken any of my sleeping med all of last week, so, I knew I'd built up a rather large sleep deficit during the week and would pay for it by sleeping away much of my night off.

So, back on the sleeping pills again come Monday as well.

Hoping people opt to go to bed, or find other means to entertain themselves, than come to the hospital in the middle of the night...unless, of course, they're seriously ill.  It's come to that stage towards the end of Winter when everyone is getting irritable and cranky, and just tired of dealing with the same situations/people every damn day, as far as our workplace goes.  I've noticed there has been a marked increase in the the general kvetching this past week.

I have a sewing project in mind, that I'd like to work on while at work, if I have time, but, that will all depend upon whether I can drag myself up to the attic for the materials I need. If not, that too will be pushed to Monday as well, since I'm off and can do it while watching Criminal Minds.

Actually, that sounds like a better plan, since I got a little tired of answering the "What are you making" question as I sewed my fuzzy, stuffed, cat while at work.

Tuesday, I'll get to make my Zombie for March from my Zombie-A-Month calendar though. I've been making them at work and then snapping pics of them beside my computer, so, may as well continue the trend with that at least.  If I remember correctly, March is a Zombie Dog.

"I Know All This And More"

It looks like, about, 15 trucks full of what Stephen King might describe as "Bolivian Marching Powder", (ie: Cocaine), exploded outside my house.

I don't know what time the storm started, but, apparently it is supposed to go on until 9am. I went out at 5am, to feed the stray cats, and was wading through snow up to my knees.

I've been up since 12:30am, having taken not only an afternoon nap, but, then falling asleep halfway through Family Guy as well.  The last thing I remember is giggling at Peter G. calling the old Nazi-guy "Mr. Googlesearch".

I can't believe it's Monday already; it's criminal how fast weekends off go.

Since everything is currently covered in layers of snow, including my Jeep, instead of going out and running the two errands I had planned for today: Get gas in the Jeep and a quit stop at the store for pasta-with-meat-sauce makings and more Diet Coke, I opted to clip Oliver's nails.

I must say, it went a bit better than the last time, so, sitting in the bathtub with him is working, but, he still does the 'kicky-feet' thing, which drags the whole process out a lot longer than it should.  He didn't know Auggie Doggie, however, and what I went through trying to clip his nails, which was often a two-day process, with me lying on top of him....so, compared to that, trimming Ollie's nails is a piece of cake.

I gave him, (and, of course, the cats since they were all staring at me and meowing!), a treat afterwords along with some "Such-A-Good-Doggy" talk, so, he's a happy boy now and it no longer sounds like he's tap dancing across the kitchen floor.

It's weird, you know, how after there is a heavy snow it, kinda', insulates everything and it's much quieter than it normally is. I'm experiencing a bit of a I Am Legend feeling.

Ah, well, I was--someone just broke out their snow blower and ruined it.

I feel a nap coming on.

I got up way too early this morning, but, it did give me an excuse to make a giant, pink, pancake using the mix I bought a while back.  I couldn't eat the whole thing, so, have leftovers that the rats may end up with....but, it was fun to make, especially when the top started expanding and I thought it was going to explode.

Watched Ahh! Zombies and loved it, so, it is now added to my "Must Own" list. Thought it both cute and clever: A little Clerks meets Return of the Living Dead

Decided since I was up and had made the giant pancake and watched my Netflix, I may as well make the drive to the bookstore that I had planned to do yesterday.  Apparently, Borders changed their Sunday hours from 10am to 11am..to whatever, so, I sat in the Jeep for a while writing a letter, then bummed around Big Lots and then back to Borders' lot, where I got to wait around a while longer before they finally decided to open the doors a whole minute early.

They only had one of the magazines I wanted, but, it was the one I really wanted. Naturally, I made the mistake of doing some browsing and ended up leaving with 3 magazines and 3 books. One of the books was 50% off and I haven't checked my receipt, but, I'm pretty sure I had $10 in Borders Bucks, so, the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been.

I spent $25 in Big Lots too, and then bought myself lunch from Wendy's on the way home, so, today wasn't a particularly good day for the budget, but, I've been pretty good lately.

Still coughing, but, at least the headache is gone.

It's supposed to start snowing sometime tonight, with the possibility of 1-3 inches of accumulation before it turns to sleet.

We only just started making some headway in the melting of what we already have.

"I'll Only Hurt You In My Dreams"

Never made it out the door the morning....was feeling a little tired, so, figured I'd lay down for a few minutes and just woke up 10 minutes ago.

Now, I'm feeling kinda' crappy, what with the coughing and now a sinus headache added to the mix, plus, it's still freaking freezing.  So, I've cranked the heat up, taken a hot bath and soaked my aching head under the water and put some comfy jammies on.

I have Belly's Feed The Tree stuck in my head for some reason. I haven't head that song in ages, so, don't know where that's coming from.  Most days I truly do wonder what is going on in this brain of mine.

It's super windy here...we're talking that scene from The Omen when the Priest gets impaled windy...and, of course, since it's my weekend off we're dipping down from the 50 degree temps of the past two days to the 30 degree mark.

Spent much of my shift last night coughing, and still having spells, but, am hoping this means the whole sickness-thing is just about over. I've almost forgotten what my normal speaking voice sounds like, since I'm still Rockin' the raspy one.

Have a zombie movie from Netflix for tonight, and I'm thinking about, maybe, going on a magazine run.  The bookstore is an hour away, no matter which one I decide to go to, so, if nothing else it will be a nice drive and I may as well enjoy Borders while we still have it..you know, in case the Lycoming Mall store is going to be one of the ones being closed, this time around.

May, also, stop at, at least, The Salvation Army store, if not Goodwill as well, since I haven't been thrifting in a while. I don't need anything, but, it's still fun to look and the great thing about thrift stores is you never know what you might find in them.

Actually had fun, on the drive in to work last night, thanks to The Cure's Greatest Hits cd and a chocolate Frosty Shake from Wendy's; nothing quite like sipping on a frozen beverage and singing Why Can't I Be You along with Robert Smith, at the top of your lungs.

Now, I suppose if I want to get home while it's still early, I should get going. If I leave now the stores will be open by the time I get there and I can get in and get out, because we all know how much I hate leaving my house if I don't have to!
Trying my hand at making a journal using, ironically enough, the pages from an old journal I had, but, had lost it's cover as I was pulling some random pages out of it, as I had been using it as more of a tablet than actual journal.

I had to trim the top and sides a bit, to fit the vintage storybook cover, ("The Blue-Nosed Witch"), I'm using, but, being that the binding had held, I didn't have to worry about that, and, after gluing the pages in as well as some decorative Mulberry paper on the inside flaps, in 24-hours, when the glue is good and dry, I should have me a cute little journal to scribble in.

This has always been a weird time of the day for me, not quite 'daytime', but not yet evening either. I used to, sometimes, work a middle shift that ended at 4:30pm and could never quite figure out what to do with myself when I got home at that time. I'm definitely a Night Owl.

I was off last night, and managed to sleep in today, so, I've only been up since around 12:30pm.  Haven't scrubbed the counters, and they may just have to wait until tomorrow, but I did sweep the floors, do the dishes and made dinner in one of the crock-pots.  My mom got me and my sister a recipe book for Christmas, and I've tried two recipes from the Soup/Stew section this week and am thinking about making the recipe for a Reuben-Style chicken breast this weekend.

Updated my Netflix queue last night, using the latest "Video Flash" guide from Movies Unlimited. I saw that they have City of the Dead, (AKA: Horror Hotel), in ther for $7.99, so, I'm thinking I might get my mom and myself copies. It will either be her Easter present, or, I'll save it for May when the Double-Whammy of Mother's Day and her Birthday arrive.  I love that movie, it was always one that I could remember seeing on Uncle Ted's Ghoul School...plus, it's got Christopher Lee in it.

Been a crafty little fool this week, what with a sewing project finished--crazy-looking, fuzzy, cat to go with the crazy-looking, fuzzy, bunny I bought at the Community Yard Sale last year, had an idea for and actually managed to write a story--just a little quick something that came to me, working on the journal and drew a cute little zombie couple, while at work, Monday morning that I'm either going to do an oil painting of, or, maybe, embroider on a pillow.

Now, since it's 5pm, guess I'll get myself a glass of, Diet, Orange Soda and got watch The Office.

"I'll Be The Rubbish, You'll Be The Bin"

Well, survived working the weekend and, as of getting up yesterday evening, noticed that I'm starting to feel a lot better now.  Still a bit of a cough, a little hoarse if I have to do a lot of speaking, sweating buckets, but as of this morning the diarrhea and headache, which were side-effects of the antibiotic I was taking seem to have dissipated.

Saturday was busy and I was feeling antsy, so, wasn't exactly a good time, but, last night's shift wasn't bad. We had a few people come in, but, I spent most of the shift writing a letter.

My mom is working overtime this morning, but, when she gets off work she's supposed to stop and pick up the gifts I got her and my gram for Valentine's Day. I put my sister's name on gram's gift, since I know from experience that unless I buy a Thank You, or other type of card and have her fill it out in front of me and then take it with me and mail it, she's not real good at the remembering Special Occasions, or saying Thank You for gifts received. Naturally, since she is my sis, and I love her, I just do it; I'm the Big Sis, so, it's all part of the job.

I got her a goofy card too, that has strawberry gum in it, but I still need to mail it.

Accomplished a few things already this morning, including putting the laundry away, so, since I'm still feeling a bit ragged around the edges, I'm giving myself permission to burrow into my blanket cocoon on the couch and just be lazy.  Ironically, I've discovered that Pneumonia is the perfect cure for Insomnia, since I haven't had any trouble falling asleep, at the drop of a hat, since getting it. I'm going to miss that; truth be told.

At some point, I'd like to Clorox the kitchen counters, but, that might have to hold until tomorrow.

It is supposed to get close to 50 degrees today, and it already feels nice out, but hard to really enjoy it with all the ice/snow still piled around everywhere. Still, it will be a nice departure from what we've been experiencing. Seriously, I'm so desperate for this Winter to be over that I, who does not garden, was thinking of trying my hand at a small one this year and then sat there planting an imaginary garden in my mind!  Hopefully, my berry bushes will come back this year, and I may end up actually planting some sort of pepper this year too, instead of talking about it, like I normally do.