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By the pricking of my thumb..

..something wicked this way comes..

6 September 1973
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My mom thinks I'm morbid, my sister thinks I'm weird-"But, in a good way"-my grandma thinks I'm an angel.

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adult swim, alice cooper, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, ambient, annemarie mckenna, anthony bourdain no reservations, apocalypse fiction, autumn, beverly cleary, billy and mandy, blythe dolls, bookstores, boris karloff, breaking benjamin, buffy the vampire slayer, carebears, cemeteries, christopher lee, collage, concrete blonde, cookie monster, crafts, creepy toys, dario argento, dark humor, day of the dead, dean winchester, degrassi, diy, drive-in movies, earl grey tea, edgar a. poe, edward gorey, embroidery, entomology, ez-bake ovens, family guy, fanboy and chum chum, father ted, ghost hunters, ghost hunters international, goth rock, hair metal, halloween, hammer horror films, heavy metal, hello kitty, horror movies, house m.d., icees, invader zim, james dean, japanese candy, japanese pop culture, jhonen vasquez, john hughes, johnny cash, judy blume, kitsch, little red riding hood, live, lucio fulci, mario bava, mary jane shoes, mix tapes, my chemical romance, mystery science theater 3000, neil gaiman, october, outsider art, paranormal state, peter cushing, pets, photograpy, poe, pop surrealism, poppy z. brite, powerpuff girls, psych, psychobilly, pushing daisies, rats, reading, rob zombie, roman dirge, scooby doo, sharon page, shelly laurenston, southpark, spaghetti westerns, spongebob squarepants, stephen king, stewie griffin, strangers with candy, supernatural, tattoos, tea, tennessee williams, the killers, the munsters, the nightmare before christmas, the powerpuff girls, the simpsons, the soup, the tragically hip, the venture brothers, thrift stores, tim burton, true blood, universal studios monsters, vampire books, vast, vincent price, vintage toys, wednesday addams, zines